the cellar

Marie-Hélène Yung-Théron overlooks with attention the process of wine making at Château de Portets. Helped by her team, she takes care of the vineyard and the vinification.

The harvest is mainly mechanical. After being picked up, the bunches of grapes are sorted out and carried in temperature controlled vats. For the red wines, we start with a cold prefermentation maceration, which consists in keeping the musts at low temperature for a few days in order to preserve and enhance the fresh and fruity aromas.

As part of its commitment to protecting the environment, Château de Portets is equipped with a wastewater treatment plant that treats effluent from the various harvesting operations, from picking up to bottling.

Since the 2012 vintage, consultant oenologist Antoine Médeville has been working closely with oenologist Christian Sourdès to guide Marie-Hélène Yung-Théron in her qualitative approach and to identify and blend the best vats, the ones worthy of bearing the name ‘Château de Portets’. Thanks to this partnership, the wines of Château de Portets have won prizes every year at various agricultural wine competitions and have been recognised in the Guide Hachette.

We are also proud to be an “Ambassadeur de Graves“, in recognition of the work of an entire team to create wines that are faithful to their appellation and loved by consumers.