Rosé de Portets has arrived !

Rosé de Portets

Rosé de Portets has arrived !

We’re delighted to present our latest innovation: Rosé de Portets ! A first for Château de Portets, that you’re welcome to discover.

Looks like the South…

Rosé de Portets, composed of 100% Merlot, is made by direct pressing of the grapes to obtain a pale, slightly salmon color reminiscent of Mediterranean rosé. The nose opens with an aroma of summer peach and grapefruit, followed by a sweet note of wild strawberry and a light floral background. On the palate, a refreshing, lemony acidity balances the wine. In the end, a very summery fruity sensation transports you to moments of pleasure under the sun.

Rosé in Bordeaux ?!

Yes, of course ! Contrary to popular belief, Bordeaux began producing rosé wine in the Middle Ages, a wine known as “clairet”. You can still find this very dark style of rosé in the region today. At Château de Portets, we prefer to take a trip south, with a very light rosé that’s perfect with aperitifs, mixed salads, grilled or raw fish (carpaccio, tartare, sushi…) You can even try it with fruit salad for dessert !

Available now

Rosé de Portets, an IGP Atlantique, is on sale at the Château de Portets boutique, for €6 a bottle. Drink responsibly !